The line guy’s methods: specialist saying to operate for time period Warner Cable is actually informing all on Reddit

The line guy’s methods: specialist saying to operate for time period Warner Cable is actually informing all on Reddit

Anybody proclaiming getting some time Warner Cable technician try spilling techniques on Reddit.

Moment Warner Cable, the second-largest service of TV and online sites across the nation, told Quartz that it can be looking at the listings. “We’re unable to examine when this individual is a current or original employee,” a spokesman believed.

Reddit customer cableguy_the begun an “Ask Me any such thing” (AMA) thread, submitting photos of his identification badge and uniform as proposed evidence of his own task. His solutions to the inquiries can be found in are really frank. Below are some stresses (typos kept).

On Comcast’s pending obtain period Warner wire:

We wish the merger as the recent group in charge certainly is the most terrible recently history. A number of people getting shot as a result unworkable performance metrics. Most of the power is fond of service associates and stripped from your those who actually go to the properties and fix problems . It’s a mess and so the organization is work like stool IMHO [in our modest view].

Regarding the hassle between technicians and support services agents:

Yea customer service associates and specialists tend to be preventing a combat that not a soul considers. We despise these people, the two detest you. These people determine associates the problem is the gear in the event it hardly ever happens to be. All of us tell clients to just dismiss exactly what the chap regarding the cell claims because it’s likely very high, he’s got never ever wired a house, hung a drop or repaired line.

On what’s truly completely wrong along with your connections:

Don’t trust 50percent of what the rep regarding the cell indicates. Simply schedule the technical. Try letting your do the job. He’s done this prior to. The agent only suggestions phones. It’s rarely the equipment causing the issues.

On solution to obtaining better assist:

If a techie happens ,ask for his or her managers amounts. Make sure he understands its not to lose your but to rise a problem. He could name his sup to be certain their great but which will help.

On what’s avoiding much faster online obtain speeds:

Genuinely, standard analog line. It requires upwards sooo a great deal of bandwidth . 1 route per frequency vs connecting several frequencies to provide 8 networks for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Even as we run 100% digital tv.. Web can get much faster. In addition obstruction. If you live around a college it’s what lies ahead . Grandmother might use their 15 meg for e-mail and viewing but small Johnny college or university child sucks up the data transfer in the neighborhood using netflix and torrenting and gaming. But the two pay out alike. IMHO what might restore however this is capping info and giving anybody uncapped performance.

On exactly why splitting your very own cable connections is an awful idea:

Setting up a splitter to simply attenuate the sign is absolutely dumb we all already have products labeled as attenuators that do this without creating pointless splitter. However it is true that a lot of alert is equally as negative as not enough we call that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him their task:

I may feel shot dependent on who captures me. I would also get an extra the so very hard to share making use of the option this provider is currently designed.

On how Wi-Fi indicators are untrustworthy, that can also be vanquished by doorways and structure:

Certainly best shown. Plaster structure specifically.Solid timber doorways, staying in a garage after the router is included in another floors or vice versa. Wi-fi is definitely a fickle creature.

Individual “broken” line modem:

Yea we hear this many. I might declare in a given yr I would declare 5% of this modems I switched are really faulty. You does lots of dog and pony series and merely swap it at any rate. The problem is more often than not not merchandise linked. Modems either efforts or the two dont. Undoubtedly thus tiny in-between. They are easy accessories. I have tv series customers utilizing my very own laptop all doing work fine, next shift back in their own machines and almost everything goes to shit. The two however demand a modem..Its insanity.

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